University of Cambridge joins Sookio Masterclass panel

We're pleased to announce two new speakers joining our first Sookio Masterclass. Held on the 29th April at the Cambridge Brew House, the event will focus on the topic of how to talk on social media.

Fred Lewsey and Barney Brown from the University of Cambridge's Communications team will be sharing their experience in managing the world-famous academic institution's social media accounts.

With over 109k followers and ground-breaking research being announced every day, the University's Twitter feed is a hotbed of activity and communication.

"Social media is now the primary channel for keeping up with what’s happening in the University for people outside, and often inside, of it," says Barney.

"We strongly believe though that to be relevant online we now have to be creative, timely, appropriate and a good host."

About Fred Lewsey

Fred is the Communications Officer at the University's School of Humanities and the School of Social Sciences.

Alongside dealing with enquiries from the media (unless he can avoid it!), Fred is in charge of writing all the features and press releases for the two Schools, maintaining the University's Twitter account and editing their homepage.

About Barney Brown

Barney is the University's Digital Communications Manager, acting as a conduit between the rest of the Communications office and their talented web developers.

Working closely with people across the University, Barney ensures that he represents the freedom and diversity of its people and what they do in a transparent, creative and contemporary way.

 Barney Brown and Fred Lewsey from the University of Cambridge's communications team

Barney Brown and Fred Lewsey from the University of Cambridge's communications team

Event details

Sookio Masterclass:
How to talk on social media
6pm to 9pm, Tuesday 29th April
Cambridge Brew House1 King St
Cambridge CB1 1LH